About Optimize Health

Optimize Health offers specialised exercise assessment and programming with the focus on preventative health and exercise rehabilitation for individuals with a variety of special considerations and chronic disease.

Integrating the anatomy and physiology of the human body and taking an evidence-based, scientific approach to exercise programming allows us to treat exercise as medicine, and strive for individualised, life-changing outcomes for our clients.

Exercise is the best medicine, with the most beneficial side effects!

We offer a safe, supervised and supportive environment with tailored exercise assessment and exercise prescriptions to suit each individual. We cater for individuals who are after general wellbeing and fitness, as well as individuals with chronic conditions such as; Cardiovascular disease, Neuromuscular disease, Pulmonary disease, Cancer, Arthritis, Diabetes, and Obesity

Meet the Team

Megan Reyden

Co-Founder of Optimize Health, Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist (MSc, RECEP-ACSM & CEPNZ)
I like to have a lot of fun with my clients while working hard and achieving specific goals. My scientific background and extensive studies have helped form my training philosophy. I believe that exercise prescription should be evidence-based and training should be personalised and focus on individual requirements and goals. My postgraduate and Masters qualifications focused on exercise rehabilitation, specifically in older adults with and without various chronic conditions such as cardiovascular disease, stroke, osteoarthritis, cancer, and diabetes. I am very passionate about the role of exercise in preventive health, improving cardiorespiratory fitness, weight loss, and an overall (holistic) approach to improving quality of life.

Catherine Moss

Co-Founder of Optimize Health, Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist (MSc, RCEP-CEPNZ)
I am passionate about all aspects of exercise and truly believe that every individual can benefit from exercise and improve their quality of life. I think it is important to provide evidence-based programming in a fun and safe environment. I have studied and worked in the industry for over a decade including; corporate health, high performance training with athletes, youth performance, injury prevention and have a passion for exercise rehabilitation for those with chronic diseases. I have a clinical interest in musculoskeletal rehabilitation and exercise rehabilitation for metabolic conditions and I am a firm believer that exercise is medicine. I look forward to working with you and reaching your goals.


Cardiovascular Stress Testing

This assessment provides valuable information on an individual's cardiovascular function during exercise . Electrocardiography (ECG), blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen saturation are monitored throughout incremental exercise. These measures improve the understanding of physiological function, allowing optimal prescription and safety during future exercise.
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Cardiovascular Risk Factor Screening

A holistic approach to implementing a healthy lifestyle is promoted through identification and discussion of an individual's risk factor profile.
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Musculoskeletal Screening

A thorough, full body assessment is conducted including measures of; posture, mobility, muscular strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance. This process allows us to discover any possible muscle imbalances, weaknesses, and mobility limitations.
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Personalised Prescription & Training

An individualised exercise prescription is developed based on findings from specific exercise assessments to your unique requirements (i.e. special conditions/disease, goals, exercise history).
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Supervised Exercise

A range of supervised sessions are available where a registered clinical exercise physiologist monitors your cardiovascular variables as well as your exercise form, function, and progression. Higher level of monitoring (medically & functionally) promotes a safer and individually directed exercise environment.
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Corporate Health

A health and wellness assessment for employees tailored to your specific workplace and environment. We provide a health risk assessment with education for lifestyle modification and improved personal and work related outcomes.
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Womens Health and Fitness

A variety of ladies group fitness and personal classes are available to help women feel uplifted in a fun and supportive environment.
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